Unravelling the architecture vs. function relationship in graphene- and molecule-based supramolecular materials for (nano)electronics.


We are delighted to announce that the 13th European Conference on Molecular Electronics (ECME) will take place in Strasbourg on 15 September 2015. See details.



01/01/2015 Both ITNs iSwitch and SYNCHRONICS start!

03/11/2014 Serena Morselli joins the group as a Master student.

01/10/2014 Dr. Ather Mahmood joins the group as a Postdoc.

18/09/2014 The H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITNs "Integrated self-assembled SWITCHable systems and materials: towards responsive organic electronics – a multi-site innovative training action"  iSwitch (coordinated by Prof. Paolo Samorì) and "SupramolecularlY eNgineered arCHitectures for optoelectRonics and photONICS: a multi-site initial training action"  SYNCHRONICS (coordinated by Prof. Franco Cacialli, UCL) have both been invited to negotiation. We expect to be able to hire three new Early-Stage Researchers to start after 01/01/2015 within these two projects!

04/09/2014 Andrea Schlierf receives her PhD after successfully defending her thesis. 


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Latest Publications

Surface-induced selection during in situ photoswitching at the solid/liquid interface. S. Bonacchi, M. El Garah, A. Ciesielski, M. Herder, S. Conti, M. Cecchini, S. Hecht, P. Samorì, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2015, in press (DOI: 10.1002/anie.201412215R1).

A Supramolecular Strategy to Leverage the Liquid-Phase Exfoliation of Graphene in the Presence of Surfactants: Unraveling the Role of the Length of Fatty Acids. S. Haar, A. Ciesielski, J. Clough, H. Yang, R. Mazzaro, F. Richard, S. Conti, N. Merstorf, M. Cecchini, V. Morandi, C. Casiraghi, P. Samorì, Small, 2015, in press.


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A. Liscio, M. Bonini, E. Treossi, E. Orgiu, F. Dötz, M. Kastler, V. Palermo, and P. Samorì, "Improving charge transport in poly(3-hexylthiophene) transistors via blending with an alkyl substituted phenylene-thiophene-thiophene-phenylene molecule", Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Physics 2012, DOI: 10.1002/polb.23044. link to article.