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Supramolecular Chemistry Laboratory: Fields of Research

  • Photoactive and electroactive cryptates; energy and electron transfer processes.
  • Molecular Recognition, Molecular Receptors and Coreceptors: Design, synthesis and properties of macropolycyclic complexing agents binding selectively one or several molecular substrates: metalloreceptors; photoactive receptors; cyclointercalands.
  • Anion Coordination Chemistry: Anion cryptates; receptors and coreceptors for anionic substrates; selective complexation of organic, inorganic and biological anions.
  • Supramolecular Catalysis: Design and properties of molecular catalysts performing a reaction on bound substrate species; enzyme models; cocatalysis.
  • Transport Processes: Design of selective carriers; transport of anions, cations and molecules; thermodynamic and kinetic properties; transport regulation; coupling to chemical potentials (protons, electrons) and to light.
  • Selfassembly and Selforganisation: Design of systems generating given supramolecular architectures by molecular recognition directed spontaneous assembly of the components; programmed chemical systems; hydrogen bonding and coordination interactions; selforganisation of organic and inorganic entities; polymolecular assemblies.
  • Supramolecular Materials: Recognition materials, supramolecular polymers, liquid crystals, vesicles, inorganic materials.
  • Chemionics: Molecular Photonic, Electronic and Ionic Devices: Photoactive and electroactive cryptates; energy and electron transfer processes; light conversion; photo-antenna; ion transfer; molecular and ionic switching and amplifying processes; molecular protonics.
  • Semiochemistry: Generation and processing of optical, electronic and ionic chemical signals; ion detection; ion pulses; non-linear optical properties.
  • Photochemistry and Energy Storage: photoinduced charge separation systems; photochromes.
  • Structural and Dynamic Studies by Multinuclear NMR on supramolecular complexes.
  • Bioorganic Chemistry and Biological Applications: Models of biological receptors, of enzymes and of biological transport processes; immunological labelling agents, selective nucleic acid reagents, helical and metallo-nucleic complexes; artificial gene transfer vectors.
  • Constitutional Dynamic Chemistry, Molecular and Supramolecular. Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry: Design of virtual combinatorial libraries; application to biological targets and to materials.
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